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Love, in the year 2009

September 28, 2009

Well, here I go again… writing about love, and the heartache that comes with it.

I’ve recently been seeing someone, and just found out that their ex-boyfriend has come back into the picture.  Just my luck, always having to compete with someone for the treasure at the end of the rainbow…

In this particular case, I’m not sure if she’s ready for someone to love her unconditionally, because she seems to be making the wrong choice.  I’ve done everything a guy can do to prove to this person that I could make her happy for as long as we both are breathing, but still it doesn’t seem to be enough…

Maybe I’m just unlucky when it comes to females, or maybe they’ll always go for the assholes over the good guys… either way, I’m torn up over it, and am really hurting from this one.  I’ve told her that I love her, with little or no response on the issue, and really feel like it’s over, even though she wants to string me along (probably to not hurt my feelings).  Well, my heart is crushed, and I don’t know what to do to go about trying to heal it… this one really hurts.

As I just posted on my Facebook page, always follow your heart, and everything should be okay… unfortunately on this one, my heart keeps telling me that this girl could be the one, if she’d only give me the chance.  I really don’t know how to cope with this one, though… losing her would mean, once again, that another good one has been taken, and that (as always) I have to watch everyone else be happy, without being able to share the sentiment.

How do you go about seeing someone that you KNOW should be with you, but not being able to do a goddamn thing about it?

Hopefully she’ll read this, and realize that I love her with all of my heart.  That’s all I can say.


Hello world!

September 21, 2009

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