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Love in Pembroke

November 9, 2009

I’d like to do a feature on the sex lives of students here at UNC-P, to see how sexually active our students are.  We are always told that sex sells, and I’m not one to disagree with that theory.  Everybody is always interested in other people’s secrets, and this would be great publicity for whatever publication that chose to run the story, especially the Pine Needle!

This always helps with determining possible STD rates, and also increases awareness for uses of protection… but mainly, for the previous reasons given.  Sex sells, and would greatly increase readership.


The history of WNCP-TV

November 9, 2009

I’ve seen random articles posted on walls about the television station, and have always wanted to do a little more research into the roots of the Broadcasting department’s pride-and-joy, and the staple of the program.

I would like to do more research on George Johnson, since he seems to many to be the hermit buried in his office (seems more like a weird tech lab than an office!)

Increasing housing rates

November 9, 2009

As Pembroke continues to increase in size, the rates are going up at local apartment complexes, and in many cases seem to be out-pricing the area, and the students.

Not to put the university down, but we normally won’t attract the wealthiest students, and certain apartment complexes have continued to raise their rates, most without even offering improvements to their sites.

If not REALLY looked at closer, they will continue to hold a monopoly over students going to school at UNC-P, seeing as there aren’t any other apartment options within at least 10-15 miles of the school.

Student Government Association

November 9, 2009

The SGA this year has gone through a major make-over, with a Phillipino president and a plethora of Freshman senators, and I would like to showcase the “new face” of the SGA here at UNC-Pembroke.

I would focus on what activities the SGA puts on throughout the semester, and show how much they actually do behind the scenes to make UNC-P better.

Retention rates

November 9, 2009

Since I’ve heard one of the largest problems at UNC-Pembroke is the retention rate of freshman, I would like to get a little more in-depth with a few freshman to see what their opinions of the school are, and try to figure out what could be the main contributor to students not returning.

I would also investigate average freshman GPAs and living conditions, which I have heard are two of the main indicators of retention rates.  Students who aren’t doing well may have some advice to what needs to be improved, and living conditions in the dormitories haven’t seemed to be conducive to helping students learn.

UNC-P Braves football going to it’s first playoff ever

November 9, 2009

In just our 3rd season of having a football program again, the UNC-P Braves are going to their first playoff game.

In an NCAA Division II playoff selection party hosted by UNC-P Athletics and Student Life in the University Center Lounge on Nov. 9th, the Braves found out they will have to travel to Arkansas Tech, instead of hosting the first-round game as expected.

This will be a tougher game than originally expected, and also means UNC-Pembroke will miss out on valuable revenue that a home game would have brought to the school and the surrounding community.

I know a few of the players, and would interview a few of them to see how they feel, and also contact the coach for a few words.

Dr. Charles Jenkins

November 9, 2009

As the interim chancellor at UNC-P, for a little while now (and helping to oversee the Chancellor search), I’d like to pick the brain of Dr. Jenkins a little bit, and see what all he has been up to filling in for the vacant position.

I’ve met Dr. Jenkins many times this semester already, and feel he would be open to a lengthy interview about what is happening with the serach, and how he enjoys filling in, in a great time of need for the college.

Handicapped Students

November 9, 2009

I’d like to do a feature story on how accessible the campus at UNC-Pembroke is, and if corrections can be made to improve the quality of living for disabled students.

It would also give mea chance to  focus onn the day-to-day life of a disabled student on campus here, and help shed some light (and possibly draw some sympathy) to the handdicapped students.